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Linear actuator

The linear actuator program offers standard solutions with competitive rates and customized solutions that are tailored to the application.

a Linear actuator is also known as an electric cylinder. Aside from major differences in the drive line,  hydraulic (lifting) cylinders are similar to the linear actuators.
Linear actuators are used in various applications. Euronorm provides these solutions for simple (manual) machine adjustments, but also for complex and sophisticated locking systems. Depending on your application, the correct linear actuator can be selected from the standard range or there can tailor the appropriate linear actuators. Euronorm specializes in the development and production of customized linear actuators and screw jacks.

fixing with fork-fork, eye-eye or eye-flange, etc.

drive line: Ac, dc and servo (brake)motors

IP grade (sealing class): TENV, IP56, IP68 and IP69K

Forces 100N up to 750.000N

Speeds 0,001mm/s up to 1m/s (trapeziod spindle and ball screw spindle)

Linear encoders (absolute) encoders, proximity switches and limit switches.

Measurement of pull and or push forces and (mechanical or electrical) limitation of forces

Size Force
ELI1 1
ELI2 2,5
ELI3 5
ELI4 10
ELI5 15
JRLA35 20
JRLA40 25
JRLA50 50
JRLA60 75
JRLA70 200
JRLA100 250
JRLA120 350
JRLA130 500
JRLA150 750